Our service centre "ProServ" is a fully equipped workshop with trained technicians to offer maintenance.

All necessary and commonly used spare parts and accessories are kept at all times at our repair centre to ensure a quick response by giving total satisfaction to our customers by minimizing delivery, repairs and maintenance time.

By doing so, Linxia allows both the public and the resellers to spend less time when visiting.

Next Business Day Warranty

Terms and Conditions

Additional to the above General Warranty Conditions, the following special conditions apply only to customers who have their equipment covered under NBD (Next Business Day Service).

  • NBD service is applicable during only the first warranty year and will be provided ONLY upon presentation of NBD warranty card.

  • All faulty equipment under NBD must be brought by customer to our Repair Centre at Pailles for repairs to be effected.

  • NBD does not cover the following interventions. Such interventions, if requested, will be chargeable:
    (a) Software related
    (b) Virus infections
    (c) Recovery of data
    (d) Repairs for any damage due to customer misuse.

  • The table below shows the repairs timeframe applicable for NBD service.

Our Service Centre will phone customer to advise for completion of repairs, so that customer can then collect repaired equipment.

  DAY 0 Day 1 Day 2
Case #1 Faulty equipment collected before 12hr00 (noon)  Repairs completed and delivery between 12h00 and 16hr45  
Case #2  Faulty equipment collected after 12h00 (noon) Repairs in progress   Repairs completed and delivery before 12h00 (noon)